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Herkules secures 3.5x return on Micro Matic investment

Herkules Capital delivers strong returns to its investors when it divests Micro Matic to the family-owned investment company Katalysator. For long Micro Matic has enjoyed a leading position in Norway for quality heating and lighting control systems.

• Transaction yields a 3.5x return on invested capital for Herkules’ investors
• Solid growth in 2014 and 2015 after successful introduction of new products
• The transaction is Herkules’ first exit in 2016
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Herkules IV acquires Olivia AS

(Oslo, 22 December 2015) Herkules Private Equity Fund IV has entered into an agreement with Drueklasen AS to acquire Oliva AS, Norway’s largest Italian restaurant chain. Herkules considers Olivia, with its authentic Italian concept, strong brand and successful restaurants, to represent a powerful foundation for further growth and expansion.
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"We define the direction, form strategy and introduce resources to build the business beyond expectation"

Gert W. Munthe
Chairman and Founding Partner Herkules
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