• Enoro is the leading Nordic software supplier to energy utilities, with strong positions in several key European markets.
  • The group consisting of Elis AS, Process Vision Oy and Popkorn AS was renamed in October 2012 to Enoro, as a result of Herkules’ strategy to consolidate the Nordic market for software solutions to energy utilities.
  • Enoro’s customers range from utilities, multinational energy companies and large energy users, to system operators and energy exchanges.
  • Enoro is a dedicated provider of leading software solutions for CIS (customer information systems), Smart Grid (incl. meter data management) and Market Interaction. The company serves 300 MDM/Smart Grid installations, over 110 CIS installations and more than 14 000 000 metering points across Europe.
  • Enoro has offices in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and the Netherlands.
  • The group has more than 300 highly skilled employees with background from the utility sector and with strong IT expertise.

Read more at: www.enoro.com