Stamina Group

  • Stamina is the leading player within occupational health services (OHS) in Norway and the second largest player in Sweden. The Group has a broad local presence in both Norway and Sweden
  • Stamina offers a unique combination of full-scale training centres and comprehensive OHS
  • The Group also offers treatments for muscular and skeletal disorders and lifestyle related diseases from its private hospital, NIMI
  • Stamina is the result of the merger between the occupational health services (OHS) company Hjelp24, Friskhuset with its fitness centres and the OHS company Avonova in Sweden
  • Stamina has made several add-on acquisitions within OHS in Norway and Sweden, and within the Fitness segment in Norway
  • The Group is headquartered in Oslo, and has more than 120 locations across Norway and Sweden, with approximately 2,550 employees

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