News - 01.10.2013

Enoro and Smarthub show the way

(Sunnfjord, Norway, 1 October 2013) Smarthub AS has signed an agreement with Enoro for delivery of Meter Data Management (MDM) solutions. 11 grid operators have chosen Enoro as their partner for the fast approaching smart utilities future.

Meter Data Management (MDM) solutions delivered by Enoro will by the end of 2016 provide more than 112 000 end customers with vastly improved energy consumption control. The customer will no longer have to read their meters – all information will be automatically transmitted to the power supplier via the distributor. By 2019, all Norwegian customers should be fitted with smart meters.

The 11 grid operators in Smart Strøm Nordvest will by the end of next year through Smarthub AS implement necessary infrastructure and business processes to fulfil regulatory demands. Smarthub will be a common centre for handling metering values and events for grid operator collection systems.

“We strongly believe that we will reap benefits on behalf of our customers by joining forces with Enoro. Our goal is to reduce costs and risk by utilizing coordinated solutions and assisting each other through clever exchange of competence and resources. We have ambitions and aim to become the most successful collaboration project in Norway as far as the introduction of smart meters is concerned,”comments Stein Bergheim, CEO Nordvestnett.

“Through this Smarthub agreement, Enoro is showing the market the road towards the smart meter future. Grid operators will benefit enormously by utilizing our robust solutions and comprehensive experience. Enoro truly appreciates the vote of confidence given to us by Smarthub,” states Edgeir Aksnes, CEO Enoro AS.

Partner Herkules Capital, Rikke T. Reinemo, mob 97 02 87 82
CEO Enoro AS, Edgeir Aksnes, mob 99 45 23 50

About Smarthub AS
Smart Strøm Nordvest is a collaboration project consisting of 11 grid operators from the county of Møre og Romsdal. These operators have established a separate company for Smart Power solutions – Smarthub AS. The Smarthub AS business idea consists of offering metering value handling which satisfies regulatory requirements – data gathering, quality control, distribution and metering service administration – to the owners during the project phase and other customers after the project phase.

About Enoro
Enoro is a dedicated provider of software and services for the energy business. The company is currently responsible for 300 MDM/Smart Grid installations, more than 100 customer information systems (CIS) covering over 14 million measuring points in Europe. Enoro solutions are based on technology and business logic which makes the system flexible and open to further development. With over 300 employees located in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and the Netherlands, Enoro is able to modify software solutions according to market demands and regulatory requirements.