News - 22.11.2012

Helse Holding completes the acquisition of Avonova

(Stockholm, 22 November 2012) On 15 October 2012 Helse Holding subsidiary, Stamina HOT Helse AS (formerly Hjelp24 AS) ("Helse Holding"), announced a recommended cash offer for all the shares in Avonova Sverige AB ("Avonova") at a price of SEK 34.00 per share (the "Offer"). The Offer has been accepted by shareholders representing 5,592,703 shares, corresponding to approximately 98.2% of the votes and shares in Avonova. Helse Holding has declared that it completes the Offer and extends the offer period until 6 December for the remaining shares.

The acquisition of the shares is expected to be completed 28 November 2012 for the shares that have accepted, and around 12 December for the shares from the prolonged offer period. As Helse Holding will hold more than 90% of the shares in Avonova, the company, shortly after the prolonged acceptance period, intends to call for a compulsory redemption of the remaining shares in Avonova and to promote a de-listing of Avonova shares from AktieTorget.

Helse Holding has the ambition to become the leading Nordic operator within occupational health services and health services related thereto. The business concept shall be to supply Nordic businesses with complete and customised services which contribute to a healthier work life, improved health and safer work environment. With the acquisition of Avonova, Helse Holding will have a No 3 position in Sweden and a No 1 position in the Nordics.

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Lise Westly, Stamina HOT Helse AS (formerly Hjelp24 AS), +47 02442

Avonova in brief
Avonova is a leading private operator and supplier within the healthcare sectors occupational healthcare, primary care and leadership support. The Avonova group operates under the vision “Sweden’s closest health company” with focus on creating efficient health presence. The business is conducted through the operative entities Avonova Hälsa Stockholm, Avonova Hälsa Syd, Avonova Kinnekullehälsan and Mälarhälsor which are among the leading operators of occupational health care in Sweden. Kinnekullehälsan Vård AB conducts clinics at five locations in Västra Götaland and Värmland. The leadership support segment is conducted through Avonova Ledarsupport AB. Avonova had a net turnover of SEK 338 million in 2011. The average number of employees was 311 in 2011. Avonova is listed on AktieTorget since November 2005.