News - 06.10.2020

Herkules II completes exit of Nevion to Sony

Herkules Private Equity Fund II exits Nevion to Sony. Nevion is a leading provider of virtualized media production solutions.

Nevion supplies video signal processing and transportation equipment to broadcasters and telecommunication companies. Nevion was established through the combination of Network Electronics, Video Products Group (VPG) and T-VIPS. Network Electronics acquired VPG in January 2008, and merged with T-VIPS in 2012. Nevion has the majority of its customers within the broadcasting and the telecommunication sector, and offers effective solutions for direct transmission of live video (point-to-point) and for transport of video in larger network infrastructures.

On 30 September 2020, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc. (“Sony”) announced that it is acquiring Nevion AS, to further enhance its portfolio, providing end-to-end IP and cloud-based production solutions for broadcasting and other applications. Sony, which has been a minority shareholder in Nevion since July 2019, is purchasing the remaining shares in Nevion, and making it a subsidiary.

Since 2016, Nevion has enjoyed a positive development with expanded gross margins, key new product launches, and success with several new strategic customers in both Europe, North America and Asia. The transaction is expected to close in early October 2020. Nevion was the last portfolio company remaining in Fund II and the process to liquidate the fund will commence in due course.

Read Sony’s full press release here.