News - 16.02.2022

Herkules IV completes full exit of Elektroimportøren

On 16 February 2022, HPEF IV divested it’s shareholding in Elektroimportøren AS (“Elektroimportøren”) in a off-market transaction with a group of reputable Norwegian public market investors. Elektroimportøren is a disruptive provider of electrial equiment and installations with a nationwide presence in Norway.

The transaction was completed at NOK 75 per share (1.5% discount to the share price at close). After this transaction, HPEF IV does not longer hold any shares in Elektroimportøren.

Since the acquisition in February 2014, Elektroimportøren has grown its revenues from NOK 166m to NOK 1,485m. The company has gone from 1 location in Oslo, to 25 locations across Norway, all while boasting strong like-for-like growth. In addition to opening new stores, the company has successfully introduced a new service, Spoton, offering hassle free residential electrical installations at a fixed price.

Elektroimportøren is today a full-range provider of electrical equipment to professionals and consumers, with sales through both physical stores as well as online through