News - 10.09.2012

Norway’s first nationwide Health and Exercise chain

Helse Holding has launched a new Health and Exercise chain: Stamina HOT. During this autumn, 55 fitness centers and 40 of the Hjelp24's Occupational Health Service (OHS) offices will be rebranded and new concepts will be launched. The new chain will have the broadest geographical coverage in Norway. The centers offer a unique combination of exercise and preventive health services to the whole population.

The new health and exercise chain Stamina HOT is the result of the merger between OHS provider Hjelp24 and a number of fitness centers. All Friskhuset-, Tren-centers, a number of Spenst centers and several smaller training centers, will be rebranded to Stamina HOT. HOT is an abbreviation for Health and Training (“Helse Og Trening” in Norwegian), and it is the combination of these two elements which make the chain unique in Norway.

– We are introducing a new concept within the Norwegian OHS and exercise industry. Stamina HOT offers a unique combination of full-scale training centers and comprehensive OHS. At the same time we have a broad local presence across the country. We are located where people live, says Bjørn-Sigurd Johansen, CEO of Stamina HOT.

Reduce sick leave
Physical inactivity is one of the largest health problems of our time in the western world. 950,000 Norwegians are considered to be physical inactive, costing society around NOK 4 billion (EUR 0.5 billion) every year. Research show that 70 percent of the sick leave in Norwegian private sector companies relates to muscle and skeleton disorders, often caused by a low activity level and lack of variety in working positions. Stamina HOT seeks to counter this, and believe that the best way to prevent the most common strain injuries is through regular exercise. In order to reduce strain related sick leave it is important with an integrated health and exercise offering suited for the whole population.
– In order to reduce sick leave it is not enough to offer an ordinary discounted fitness membership to employees. This will only be used by those who are already exercising. With an Occupational Health Service agreement with exercise as an integrated part, we are able to pinpoint the core issues and work together with the relevant individuals to reduce the overall sick leave of the organization, says Johansen.

Broad offering
Stamina HOT will set the scene for a broad selection of health- and exercise services. With an ambition of providing group exercise hours, studio training and personal trainers, among others, in combination with the country’s leading physicians and experts on muscle and skeleton treatment.

– We want everybody to have the opportunity to get in shape and to stay healthy. At the same time we will make sure that those who are or will be bothered by muscle or skeleton disorders will get the assistance they need, says Johansen.

The new health and exercise chain Stamina HOT already have around 70,000 members in training centers, primarily through the brands Friskhuset, Spenst and Tren, as well as 4,300 corporate clients through Hjelp24. 55 training centers across the country will be rebranded to Stamina HOT during September 2012. Stamina HOT is owned by Herkules Private Equity Fund III.

For further information, contact:
Bjørn-Sigurd Johansen, CEO
Mobile: +47 90 03 63 58