News - 11.01.2012

Norwegian IT company secures contract with E.ON, Sweden’s largest energy company: – E.ON will now be able to meet EU directives

(Oslo, 11 January 2012) Process Vision Oy (part of Elis Holding Group) and E.ON Elnät Sverige AB have agreed on a delivery of large scale energy IT system for meter data management and balance settlement based on Process Vision's GENERIS product. The system will eventually manage all the meter data from E.ON's electricity networks in Sweden including advanced Smart Grid functions with option to manage meter data for gas and district heating.

E.ON is the largest energy company in Sweden with approximately 1.1 million customers. E.ON Elnät Sverige AB belongs to E.ON Group, which is the largest energy company in Europe.

E.ON has already a system for handling its electricity customers’ monthly readings in accordance with Swedish legislation. This legislation has recently changed, so that customers can even be offered hourly readings. Process Vision’s GENERIS system has market leader functions for handling energy information from Smart Metering and Smart Grid systems based on readings in hourly or ever shorter intervals. The background for the legislation change is an EU directive for increased energy efficiency and as a result reduced CO2 emissions.

Regarding the new legislation, Per-Olof Lindholm, the CEO of E.ON Elnät, says: “We have gone through an intensive and thorough evaluation of renewing our meter data system. We set high demands for functionality, performance and delivery, and have now found a supplier giving us the tools we need. It has also been important for us that the solution takes into account the new targets for reducing CO2 emissions.” 

The delivery to E.ON is a very large GENERIS installation. “We are very glad and proud to have been chosen by E.ON. This GENERIS delivery is an important milestone for Process Vision and it strengthens our leading position in the Nordic and European energy markets. Our experience of many similar deliveries in Nordic countries and Europe will ensure the best solution for current and upcoming market requirements for the energy data management in Sweden. GENERIS functions also cover processes for energy efficiency and Smart Grid for meeting the European 20/20/20 target”, says Åge Lønning, the CEO of Process Vision Oy (part of Elis Holding Group).

For further information, please contact:
Anders Ricknell, Director, Process Vision Sweden, phone +46 730 447290, e-mail:
Åge Lønning, CEO, Process Vision Oy, phone +47 40 20 10 00, e-mail: 
About E.ON
E.ON is one of the world’s largest investor-owned power and gas companies. E.ON has more than 88,000 employees, generating EUR 93 billion in sales in 2010. With leading market positions in power and gas and over 26 million customers E.ON operates in more than 30 countries. E.ON´s business is divided into different business areas. In E.ON Nordic, the business areas are Production, Heat, Distribution, Sales and Services. For further information, please visit ;

About Process Vision
Process Vision Oy is a market leading supplier and developer of advanced energy information systems for the energy markets. Together with Norwegian Elis AS and Popkorn AS it forms Elis Holding Group, an IT group owned by the investment company Herkules. Process Vision’s headquarters are in Helsinki, Finland, and it has offices in Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Norway. Process Vision supplies complete energy data system solutions ranging from large scale meter data management, balance settlement and contract management to scheduling, trading and advanced billing. The main product of the company is the energy information system GENERIS with over 300 references in the Nordic countries and Central Europe. The company also provides GRADES simulation systems for e.g. district heating and gas companies. Process Vision implements and consults from a base of long and thorough knowledge from the energy markets. For further information, please visit

A flexible and scalable system solution that is easy to integrate and deploy. It supports multi-utility, multiple time zone and multiple currency environments. GENERIS gives its users a permanent competitive advantage by maintaining flexibility with regard to new strategies and market developments. The system includes modules for multi-utility metering data management (MDM), meter asset management (MAM), balance settlement (EDM), energy trading and settlement (TMS), the management of contract and portfolios (CMS) and advanced billing (BDM). Furthermore, it includes applications for data validation, forecasting, system integration and B2B communication, as well as solutions for energy efficiency and Smart Grid data management and financial balancing. GENERIS is currently being used by 200 European energy companies and it has been awarded the EDNA quality certificate.