News - 11.08.2014

Stamina’s Swedish subsidiary acquires a Swedish competitor

Stamina's Swedish subsidiary, Avonova Sweden AB, has acquired parts of the healthcare company Sensia AB. Following the acquisition, Stamina Group will be the second largest firm in the Swedish primary care / occupational health services market. The acquisition is made in line with Stamina's strategy to establish a Scandinavian healthcare provider.

“Our overall ambition is to build a leading Scandinavian healthcare provider within occupational health services and primary care. With this acquisition, we have secured healthcare personnel with the appropriate qualifications, and increased our presence in the Swedish market. The acquisition strengthens our platform to secure further growth, and enables us to take a significant role in the area of public health and lifestyle”, says CEO Morten Jurs of Stamina Group.

Like Stamina, Sensia has a holistic approach to the healthcare industry. The company offers services in both primary care and rehabilitation. Sensia and the Group’s main focus area are to prevent and to promote a positive development of public health through its expertise in healthcare, nutrition, and rehabilitation.

The acquisition of Sensia includes more than 40 locations and more than 300 employees in Sweden. After the acquisition, Avonova Sweden AB will have a strong market position with approximately 850 employees at 120 locations in Sweden.

Avonova Sweden AB acquires the parts of the Sensia business in which the potential for knowledge transfer and growth is high, namely the business units:
• Primary care
• Occupational Health Services
• Specialist services and Rehabilitation

“On basis of the current business in Avonova, the company can contribute to the Sensia business by improving operational efficiency and delivering new products and solutions. As such, we will enhance the offering to existing customers of both companies”, Jurs comments.

Avonova’s management will assume the management positions in Sensia in connection with the acquisition.

For further information please contact:

Stamina Group AS:
Morten Jurs, Group CEO
Mobil: 99 16 79 22

Avonova AB:
Per-Anders Gustavson, CEO
Mobil: +46 70 691 11 60
Stamina Group AS
• Largest player in occupational health services in Norway with 43 health offices around the country
• Activities include occupational health services, physical fitness and medical treatment, HSE courses and systems, industrial hygiene, organizational psychology
• Owned by Herkules Capital

Avonova Sweden AB
• Sweden’s 3rd largest player within occupational health service and primary care
• 5,000 corporate customers
• Avonova AB has around 80 offices and a specialist department focusing on leadership development and organizational psychology