News - 12.11.2012

Statoil expands the contract with Beerenberg

On 12 November 2012 Beerenberg and Statoil agreed to expand the ongoing co-operation under the existing contract to include also work on the Statfjord field.

The agreement has a duration of close to four years including options. It is expected that the assignment will employ approximately 200 FTEs.

“The contract involves insulation, surface treatment and scaffolding work at the Statfjord field. Considering Beerenberg’s long experience at Statfjord, the company is looking forward to a constructive co-operation with Statoil”, says Ole Klemsdal, VP Communications at Beerenberg.

In addition to Statfjord, Beerenberg has contracts with Statoil on the Gullfaks field, Kvitebjørn, Visund, Grane, Draupner and Kårstø.

Ole Klemsdal, VP Communications at Beerenberg
Telephone: +47 55 52 66 52