News - 24.03.2014

The wholesaler of Tilbords enters cooperation with KLP for the operation of kitchen- and tableware at Glasmagasinet

The wholesaler for the chains Tilbords and Rafens has entered into a lease agreement with KLP Glasmagasinet. The traditional trading company with roots dating back to 1854 establishes a new company that will be responsible for operations in the former premises of Christiania Glasmagasin. The company will be operated independently from the other companies in the Tilbords Group, but will extract synergies in product design, procurement and logistics.

It is an enthusiastic and competent organisation that will now take over the operation of the table- and kitchenware departments at Glasmagasinet. Over a few years period, Tilbords has grown into the largest player within these categories in Norway. An in-house design department, and focus on kitchenware and weddings have been key factors to this growth. Tilbord’s sale of kitchenware alone has grown 40 % per year in recent years.

“Through our expertise we will re-create growth in the heritage store, Glasmagasinet. Throughout the discussions with KLP we have recognised the strong knowledge and commitment levels among employees of Glasmagasinet. We want to emphasise that we wish to retain the employees and that we will offer them a job in the new company”,¬†says Tilbord’s CEO, Geir Langbakken.

“Virtually everyone who has gotten married or been a guest at a wedding associates Glasmagasinet to weddings. We will work actively to make Glasmagasinet the leading wedding destination in Norway and have clear ideas of how to proceed. Keywords are wedding planners, wedding fairs & seminars, a wide product range, and a modern, online wedding list system. Over 6,000 wedding couples already have their wedding lists registered in our chains”,¬†continues Langbakken.

Glasmagasinet will be operated as similar stores in large, international cities, with a separate management team and separate agreements with suppliers that are not covered by the agreements with the other chains. Final date of commencement is not yet determined.

Geir Langbakken, CEO, Tilbords
Mobile: 99 64 20 00